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Because LAFS Legal ("LAFS Legal", "we", "our", or "us") values your privacy, the following Privacy Policy has been established to ensure that your personal information is handled with care and discretion.

1. Personal Data We Collect
We collect the personal information that you voluntarily provide us. For example, if you want to send us an inquiry using the form on our website, you may be required to submit your name, email address, or phone number.

For recruitment purposes, we also collect your personal data, for instance, resumes, CVs, or transcripts, if sent to us.

And since our website uses cookies, certain information may be gathered, such as your search and browser history, IP address, languages used, and purchased products. However, this information is not associated with any other personal information you have provided on our website.

2. How Your Personal Data Is Used

• We will use your personal data only as necessary to respond to your inquiry and to contact you if needed.

• We shall not sell, distribute, disclose, or share your personal data with any third party unless you give us permission or the law requires it.

• However, your personal data may be shared with our IT or HR personnel or other relevant departments as necessary for them to perform their tasks.

• We may communicate with you based on your personal data. When you create a new account on our website, for instance, we may send you a verification email. Or, we may send you a newsletter to your email, but only if you subscribe. You can easily unsubscribe at any time.

• Your online activity, as collected by cookies, will be used to enhance your browsing experience and for statistical analysis.

• For your and our safety, CCTV installed at our physical premises may capture your appearance, voice, or properties which may be deemed as personal data.

3. How long will your personal data be stored
Your personal information is stored for as long as is required. If this information is collected only for marketing purposes, we may retain it for a short period of time. However, if it pertains to a client, we would be required to store it for a longer period of time. The personal information of website users may be kept for a shorter period. 

4. Your Rights
Your rights on your personal data are outlined in the Personal Data Protection Act 2019 as follows:

• Right to withdraw any given consent
• Right to access and receive copies of your personal data
• Right to obtain your personal data
• Right to object to the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal data
• Right to erase your personal data
• Right to restrict the use of your personal data
• Right to rectify your personal data
• Right to file a complaint with the competent authority

If you would like to exercise any of the rights listed above, please contact us using any of the details listed below. 

5. Security
To secure your personal data, LAFS Legal implements all reasonable security measures and follows best practices to maintain the integrity of our security system as a whole and, thus, your personal data. Access to your personal data is restricted to only those staff who need it to perform relevant tasks.

6. Cookies
A cookie is a small text file websites place on your device while browsing. Cookies are typically safe. To enhance your browsing experience, our website collects website usage data via cookies, including the date and time of your visits, the links you clicked, and the websites you visited.

There are two types of cookies: strictly necessary cookies and performance/statistics cookies. The first type is necessary for access to parts of our website. If you disable these types of cookies, you may be unable to visit parts of our website, or parts of the website may not function properly or at all. The performance/statistics cookies, on the other hand, allow us to understand your online behaviour and improve our website, which will lead to a better browsing experience for you. This type of cookie does not affect your use of the website and can be disabled at any time.

7. Contact Us
If you have any inquiries or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or how we use personal data, please feel free to contact us via the following channels:

Company Name
LAFS Legal Co., Ltd.
Address  388 Exchange Tower, 29/F Rm# 2901 – 2904, Sukhumvit Road Klongtoey, Bangkok, 10110 Thailand

Company Website :
Tel : +66 2 104 9191
Email :

8. Contact Competent Authority
You may also contact the Personal Data Protection Committee (PDPC) as the competent authority if you are not satisfied with our response or any action taken in response to any issue(s) concerning personal data protection:

Authority : Personal Data Protection Committee (PDPC)
Tel : +66 2 142 1033
Email :

9. Changes to this Privacy Policy
To increase the compatibility and quality of our service, we may modify, alter, or update this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. We encourage you to read our Privacy Policy whenever you visit our website.

Latest update: September 2023

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