(Lawyer & Notarial Services Attorney)

Sirichot is a licensed lawyer and notarial services attorney with over 14 years of experience in the legal business. His practice focuses primarily on property and conveyancing, succession and estate planning, as well as corporate and commercial advisory work. He is a licensed notary public and an advocate, having appeared in all levels of the court in Thailand.

Throughout his legal career, Sirichot has worked with numerous law firms domestically and internationally on both advisory and dispute resolution work relating predominantly to property transactions, commercial deals, and estate distribution. He has successfully dealt with property transactions with a value in excess of 500 million THB on multiple occasions, and has acted for a very significant number of international clients in the distribution of estates, the combined value of which exceeds 1 billion THB.

Sirichot has assisted hundreds of expatriates in Thailand with their legal concerns throughout his many years of practice.

Educational background and other qualifications

Naresuan University (International College) : Bachelor of Law (LL.B): 2008

Lawyer Council of Thailand : Lawyer License No. 679/2555: 2012

Lawyer Council of Thailand : Notarial Services Attorney No. 4365/2555: 2012

Courses and seminars

Chulalongkorn University: Real Estate Senior Program

Imperial College: Mergers and Acquisition

Thai Real Estate Business School: Property Law, Property Agent and more

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