(Legal Advisor)

Athitaya is a university lecturer in civil and commercial law. She has over 10 years of experience providing legal advice and consultation to clients in civil and criminal cases.

She additionally advises clients on and drafts contracts and other business and legal documents, as well as helping clients achieve successful outcomes before the courts of Thailand through mediation and arbitration.

She offers expert counsel on legal matters under Thai law and handles dispute resolution in a wide range of litigation cases in Thailands civil and criminal courts and in the specialized courts.

Educational background and other qualifications

Naresuan University (International College) : 2004-2008 LL.B., (Honors)

Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK : 2010-2011 LL.M., (Scholarship)

The Civil Service Development Certificate (3 months program) 2016

Administrative Law and Administrative Court Procedure Certificate (1-year program) 2021

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